Monthly Roundup - August '19

General / 03 September 2019

Here is this a round up on this past month for me in art.  This month continued my CGMA class with Clinton Crumpler on Modular Design.


  • Cash Register


This register is another "done for now" situations.  I had a lot of fun with this one, since I ended up ironing out a lot of issues in my process.  Really helpful to this process was the use of Marmoset and Mat IDs.  While you can bake from high to low in substance painter, there are some tools in Marmoset that really blow it out of the water (namely Paint Skew & Paint [Cage] Offset) .  Additionally, if you've never used Mat IDs.. follow me into a world of imagination.

  • Trim Sheet #1

Trim sheets are another trick I hadn't used before.. and now that I have, I see them everywhere.  If you don't already see them, you will after this.  

Work in Progress

  • Candy Shop Scene

Rather than breaking every single thing down, I figure it's easier to give an over view.  Thus far I've updated many of my models from last month.  I've added counters and molding that utilize my trim.  I've created some materials and material instances that allow me to change the color of my material per instance.  I also got my hands on a pretty awesome glass tutorial  and  a mirror tutorial to help bring out a finer quality to some aspects.

Plans for September:

  • Simulate cushions & curtains in Marvelous Designer
  • Create materials & models for Candy
  • Finish out remaining blockouts
  • Light & Present the scene
  • Fill in any extras if possible
  • Create and finish a material in Ben Keeling's course


 Marmoset Paint Skew & Paint Offset Intro: 

Material ID Explanation: 

Trim Sheet explanation: 

Material Color Manipulation in Unreal Engine :

Glass Material in Unreal Engine:

Mirrors in Unreal Engine: