3D Artist - BIM Developer - Specifi

General / 30 May 2018

Back in summer '18 I  completed a 6 month contract at Specifi as a 3D BIM artist.

Specifi owns a software that allows industrial kitchen designers to quickly choose from an extensive library of units and place them into their 3D scenes.   Think SIMS but technically accurate to whatever building you're outfitting.

I had never worked with Revit before, and with the guidance of my team lead I learned Autodesk Revit 2014 and Specifi's database software all in two weeks.  As time went on I was able to, of course, become more precise and take on more complex tasks.

For Specifi, one of the main selling points of the software is being able to know exactly, down to the millimeter, how large a unit is or where it's differing connections are located.  Having that accuracy would mean that designers could rest easy knowing that their planned out space would move along smoothly.  

 What this meant for me as an artist is that every model I ever created had to be as precise as possible. 

 A good chunk of my job would become comparing specification sheets for discrepancies, communicating with contacts at the manufacturer's company, and entering all of the data possible into Specifi's database.  This job was a huge test on my ability to parse through large amounts of data for what was vital.