Maine Path
Heather dove highresscreenshot00003
Heather dove highresscreenshot00004
Heather dove scenegrabmaydaywhyyyyy 01

First environment iteration post class

Heather dove heatherdove final 01

Last environment iteration for class

Heather dove woodenplanks 02

Wooden planks for inside of shack. Fully Procedural.

Heather dove old bark render v2

Bark Material, based on Zbrush Sculpt.

Heather dove old rocks 01

Rock/Mud. Fully Procedural.

Heather dove doveheather pathsketch 01

This project for me came from a desire to recreate a path I used to walk repeatedly on many vacations. I gathered up photo references from my past, and illustrated the above general concept.

Heather dove brancharooforyou 02

I created high poly sculpts in Zbrush to eventually create foliage cards.

Heather dove week4 fern 02

It was important to me to create plants that were geographically accurate.

Heather dove tree
Maine Path

Took a game art environment class with the super insightful Jeremy Huxley via his CGMA course.
I've been brushing this project up since then, and have definitely built on it. I plan to return to this project.

Would love critique and feedback.

More artwork
Heather dove sword 03Heather dove scenegrab 04