Heather dove emma 02
Heather dove emma 04
Heather dove emma 06
Heather dove emma wip 10

Wheel final high poly mesh

Heather dove emma wip 12

Focused image of Bumper work still in progress. It was important to get many different pictures of this particular area to get the detailed metal work on target.

Heather dove emma wip 19

Before complete, I decided to do a test in Substance Painter to see how the program would interpret different lines. Adjusted edges accordingly.

Heather dove emma wip 21

I changed the front portion of the car to more accurately reflect the real model, taking a much too wide front down significantly.

Heather dove emma wip 21 v4

Participant of CGTrader Awards: https://www.cgtrader.com

I knew that I wanted to technically challenge myself with a vehicle, and that could only mean one thing-- a Model A.

More specifically, Emma, our family car. My grandfather refurbished her because he actually learned how to drive in a Model A.

Since I have access to this car, I decided to go all out and achieve the highest and most accurate amount of detail possible.

I've learned better modeling techniques since having modeled this, but I still wanted to share.

More artwork
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